Sunday, February 19, 2017

La familia en Cuba. The family in Cuba.

By 2024 the rates will be evenly matched to female superiors in the heads of families of 52.5 percent by 2030, as we can see in the table below.
 Only one in three households has a child under the age of 15. In four out of ten Cuban homes an older adult lives.
50.5 percent of Cubans, adolescents and young Cubans under 17 years of age do not live with both parents, making them part of single-parent or reconstituted families.
17.7 percent of households have a head of family over 70 years of age. This proportion will grow to 25.5 percent by 2030 and households in charge of people between 15 and 54 years will decrease.26.3 percent of households are made up of two members; 25.5 percent have three, one-person accounts total 18.8 percent, and four-person accounts account for 17.5 percent. In summary, 88.1 percent of households in Cuba have one to four members. By 2030, those of one and two members will increase and the others will decrease.
  Housing between five and seven people are minority .
In the table: heads of family.
male                                                     female